22nd FAI European Hot Air Balloon Championship

Applying for 22nd FAI European Hot Air Balloon Championship


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I apply for the competition and declare the following:


I have read and understood the Rules of this competition

I accept that organiser will provide PBS live tracking system during the Event which currently works with Android devices only. I accept the Balloon-tracking.eu Privacy and Cookie Policy


I agree that in order to participate in the competition, I must share the following personal information with the competition organizer: my name, email and phone; my post address, billing address; bank account number (in case of refund of entry fee); my photo, my PIC hours; photo of my Pilot licence; photo of my balloon; Reg. Type and Size of my balloon; The size of my T-shirt.

If the organizer accepts my application, I authorize balloon-tracking.eu to share this personal data with the organizer.

I acknowledge that the organizers and officials of the competition can see my track during the task without any restrictions.

I acknowledge that if I do not disable it on the Event Share my position website, my track recorded during the task will be displayed to the public.

I acknowledge that the following personal information may appear to the public in connection with the competition: My name, my photo, my "About me" content, photo of my balloon.

I acknowledge that photo, video and audio recording may be made for the press and the public at the Event. I acknowledge that, I, my team and my balloon appear on these without additional permission and fee.

Please send the invoice to me with my general invoicig details


 I enter other billing information in the comment field.

 I order    pc printed map (10 €/pc. If yes, you need to pay with entry fee!)

 Expected and check in  

I know, understand, accept and abide by the sporting code and the rules and regulations.

By applying, I accept all terms and conditions at once.

Please support, share and like the competition social media appearances to promote Hot Air Ballooning and Competition!

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