22nd FAI European Hot Air Balloon Championship

September 18, 2021, 22nd FAI Europeans Hot Air Balloon Championship has ended


Europeans logo 2021 300x308On September 18, the 22nd FAI Europeans Hot Air Balloon Championship ended with an award ceremony in Szeged, Hungary.

trackingAsset 110xPilots and Officials used the Balloon-tracking System as the official secondary tracker and logger system for the EUROPEANS 2021 Event.

The 22nd FAI European Hot Balloon Championship Winners are:

After 6 flights and 19 tasks the 22nd FAI European Hot Air Balloon Championship is finished with the following results.

The winners of 22nd FAI European Hot Balloon Championship are:

Ziberli1. chRoman HUGI - SUI
2. chStefan ZEBERLI - SUI
4. frJean-Philippe ODOUARD - FRA
6. deSven GOEHLER - GER
7. plRoman BAUTA - POL
8. beSteven VLEGELS - BEL
9. gbKenneth KARLSTROM - GBR
10. czPetr KUBICEK - CZE

Nation ranking:

1. frFrance
2. chSwitzerland
3. deGermany
4. beBelgium
5. plPoland
6. lvLithuania
7. czCzech
8. ruRussia
9. gbGreat Britain
10. siSlovenia

Enjoy this video!


Many thanks to the Officials for their work, to the competitors for their participation and fair competition, and to the citizens of Szeged for their interest!

Hungary and Szeged will be waiting for the hot air balloon pilots in 2022 as well!

September 14, 2021, The first 360-degree video of one of EUROPEANS 2021's flights has been made


Europeans logo 2021 300x308Enjoy the flight in the 360 degree video!
Grab the picture with the mouse, look around, down and up!


September 16, 2021, Thursday morning flight cancelled

SzlviharFlight 16th September am cancelled.
Next briefing: 16:00.

September 14, 2021, The first 3D animation is ready

3D animci v1The first version of the 3D animation module has been completed.

For now, the database is created manually from the pilots' tracks. Another software package will be ready soon and the 3D animation will work automatically after flight .

Learn how to use the 3D animation module

September 10, 2021, Map calibration updated

These calibration files:
OpenAviationMap1 300x146   > Map-Europeans2021_logo.map and
   > Map-Europeans2021_logo_ozf.map
are updated. 

The refuelling time is in the Schedule already.
The first refuelling will be after Friday evening.

September 07, 2021, Preventing COVID

COVID19EU Digital COVID Certificate or if you are doubly vaccinated and have a certificate to prove (from a country which has agreement with Hungarian Foreign Ministry) or negative PCR test certification is mandatory to all participants at check-in.

Learn our procedure we need to do defend

We will check the body temperature during the check-in and before the briefings. The Szeged Airport has separation room and if we find suspicious case then the occupational physician will make a quick test first time.

If one member of a team tests positive then that team is automatically withdrawn from the competition.
Other close teams – possibly from the same country will be tested.

August 06, 2021, Map and Schedule updated

lgtrkpThe competition map and event’s schedule updated. You can find an empty map and a map with all information: PZs, CLP, Contest area.

You may download these as PLT and WPT files too.

June 30, 2021, The open country is waiting for you

COVID overview imageThe Schengen borders are open in Hungary. Official news: 
EU COVID Certificate or other English and Hungarian certifications are valid in Hungary but not mandatory. Mask wearing will not mandatory, the hotels and restaurants will open for everybody when the national vaccine uptake will be 5,5 millions, probably on this week.

June 3, 2021, After 15 years, Hungary is home again for the FAI European Hot Air Balloon Championship.

More than 100 balloons and pilots are expected for the international competition and the accompanying balloon fiesta. The competitors arrive in the city of sunshine from many parts of Europe, and a pilot from exactly 23 countries is represented in Szeged.

Maj Petri ZoltmToday, June 3, 2021, the organizers announced at a press conference that September 12-18. between will be in Szeged the XXII. FAI European Hot Air Balloon Championship.

Details of the press conference: Read more

Maj Petri Zoltm“Every year since 2016, the month of September has been about the art of flying here in Szeged. But I can safely say that this year and the European Championship will open a whole new chapter for lovers of hot air balloons. The sport has been very popular in Szeged before, and we wanted to take advantage of it and give it to the population with an exciting week.” 
said Zoltán Majó-Petri, the managing director of Szeged Transport Ltd.

ZoltanPalhegyi1"Today is a big day in the history of Hungarian hot air ballooning, because on June 3, 1811, exactly 210 years ago, a balloon flew for the first time in Hungary. We could not have found a better commemoration. We are working to make this year's European Championship a high-quality sporting event."
said Zoltán Pálhegyi, Deputy Director of the event.


John Grubbström, Honorary President of the FAI - Fédération Aéronautique Internationale, who will be the chairman of the jury for the event, spoke in a video message at the press conference. 

Stefan Zeberli, a five-time and current European Hot Air Balloon Champion, sent his best wishes to organize the competition.


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